Looking at Trump’s Dubious First 100 Days

Ryan Haynes, Editor in Chief

As of Saturday April 29, Trump will have been in office for 1oo days.  The 100 day mark is often used to forecast the change a president can ensue over the next four years.  With that being said there is little optimism for the next four years after reviewing these past 100 days.   Let’s take a look at the Trump administration thus far:

First let’s look at the signing of over 70 executive orders, many of which are hung up in court including the travel ban debacle that occurred within the first week in office.  Of Trump’s 70 executive orders there has been little change deriving from them.  The travel ban was one of many executive orders that was shot down almost immediately by the courts and the “so called judges.” 

One embarrassing moment  from the Trump administration thus far has been the shortest tenure of a National Security Adviser in Michael Flynn.  As many Americans already had trust issues with Trump, finding his appointee for the prestigious role in National Security as a crook did not help his cause.

However Trump’s most embarrassing blunder thus far has to be his inability to pass the American Health Care Act through even with his majority Republican Congress.  After this first attempt to replace the Affordable Care Act was pulled Trump responded with, “Nobody knew health care would be so complicated.”  Replacing Obamacare was a big promise from the Trump campaign and Trump swung and missed big time on his first attempt.

Most recently Trump dropped the M.O.A.B in Syria which had two polar opposite reactions from Americans and the rest of the world.  It is still unclear if this is going to be a decision that pays off or causes nothing but more problems in the Middle East.  Either way Trump was hypocritical in his actions after he warned Obama in a tweet from 2013 not to get involved in Syria.

The 100 day mark on Saturday will be fittingly enough the day after the government possibly shuts down if the budget resolution proposed by Trump does not pass.  The budget has set aside money to fund the wall and the Democrats refuse to pass any budget funding a wall that Trump promised would not come out of American pockets.  Wouldn’t that be fitting?  A government shut down to celebrate Trump’s first 100 days.