Student-Athletes Discuss Sports, School, and Stress

By Joseph Kratz, Staff Writer

High school is generally considered one
of the more stressful aspects of the American
experience—four years of challenging courses
that end up deciding much of your future.
That’s a lot of stress to shoulder as a teenager,
with the added awkwardness of a new social
climate and dealing with the changes that come
with the process of maturing and learning who
you are.
This might seem imposing and stressful on its own, but throw on extracurricular activities
like athletics, and it reaches an all new level.
The students who take on athletics and clubs
often deal with stress that other students may
never have, but they also glean experiences and
skills that their peers may never have the ability
to gain.
Reaching out to a few of our very own
Falls Church athletes I asked them about their
experiences and gained insight into their lives. Samaria Dellorso (9) says that when
it comes to sports that “It adds stress; there is
less time on my schedule.” But she also admits
that athletics help her focus on academics, expressing
that playing sports definitely helps her
manage her time.
Runner Charlie Perez (9) spoke on the
experiences he’s gained through sports, saying,
“I think people who don’t play sports miss
out on a lot of the sense of the community surrounding
a sport, and it’s also a great way to get
to know and learn from upperclassmen that I
wouldn’t ever otherwise talk to.”
Kevin Warasila (12), a long time student
athlete, spoke about the stress he’s gained from
playing sports, while also taking advanced
classes. “I think playing sports adds another
level of stress to high school just in the fact it
is another thing on your schedule,” but he also
added that “that’s not to say that it can’t be
stress-relieving and a good break from the rest
of a busy day.” While the addition of stress to an
already stressful life can be dangerous, Kevin
adds that he thinks all the athletics have helped
his grades more than they have harmed them.
Speaking about the experiences he has gained
over his four years, he says, “I fully believe that
sports have given me experiences that other
students may never have. Especially since the
track team is so large, it has been like having
an extended family that I get to hang out with
every day.”