Club of the Month: Fellowship of Christian Athletes

By Noah Sedmak, Staff Writer

This month’s Club of the Month is the Fellowship
of Christian Athletes, which is a club led by
Mrs. Loebsack (math) and Chef Payne (culinary)
in room 124. FCA has ten to twelve members. Anyone
is welcome to join even if they do not participate
in sports at Falls Church High School. Fellowship
of Christian Athletes is a club where athletes
can discuss their faith with like-minded people who share the same conviction. Also athletes can share
struggles and successes that happened during the
school week in the classroom and on the field.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes meets every
Friday morning for breakfast. Meetings last one
hour from 7 to 8 a.m. To start off the club meeting,
the students make breakfast, either pancakes
or waffles. As they are making breakfast they can
use this time to catch up with each other about the past week. Next the club members
share their highs and lows from the week.
Each member goes around and shares a
high and a low from their week.
Also during their meetings the club reads
the Bible then reflects on what they learned
in the reading. Afterward the students ask
each other questions about the scripture
and how it affects their life and how to live
out in their lives what they learned from
the scripture and chat about the scripture
they just read. To finish the meeting the
club closes in prayer, where any student
can volunteer to pray. The Fellowship of
Christian Athletes goal is to love God and
love others while participating in athletics.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes does not
have any officers right now, but their main
leader is Constance Tucholski (9), who
helps leads during the discussion time of
their meetings. Constance really enjoys
Fellowship of Christian Athletes because
she gets to take part in fellowship between
other believers in Jesus.
As a lead member of Fellowship of Christian
Athletes Constance says, “Our main
focus as a club is focusing on sharing the
love of Jesus with our school and community.
Although we are a Christian-based
club, anyone is welcome to attend who has
questions, or just wants free food. It’s also a
great time to meet and connect with fellow
FCHS classmates.”