Car of the Month: Rasha Benhamida’s 2016 Honda CR-V

By Omar Tamimi, Sports Editor


The Car of the Month is a staple of The
Jagwire and we are proud to present this issue’s
car. We are featuring Rasha Benhamida’s (11)
2016 Honda CR-V and we spoke with her and
she described what she enjoyed about it. She
started by explaining how she got her car, she
used to own a Honda Accord before she was
part of a car accident with one of with one of
our Jagwire staff members, Matt Gutermuth
(11). Neither of them were at fault, but it is
the reason she has a new car. Rasha explained
how well her car handles and it is great for the
daily commute of going from her house to
school and to practice.
She told us some of her favorite features
of her car. “The windshield wipers and
Bluetooth are by far my favorite features of the
car. The heated seats are [also] one of the best
parts of the car,” Rasha described. When it is
cold out there is no better feeling than getting
in the car and having a nice and warm seat to
sit on, so we understand why she enjoys it so
much. Rasha described how the windshield
wipers never smear and leave her windows
looking sparkly clean.
The Bluetooth leaves endless possibility
with her peers being able to connect to it
in an instant and play music. Personally, she
loves country music, we talked to Katie Ngo
(11) who explained the experience of riding
in the car with Rasha: “I have learned to enjoy country music because it is the only music that
she plays when we are in the car with her.”
She has had her CR-V for about three
months but it has already been through a lot.
Kimberly Roxbrough (11) and Katie were
practicing some of their skills and had a ball
fly straight through her windshield which completely shattered it. Rasha said, “I did not really
know what to do because something like this has
never happened to me.” She eventually just got
her windshield replaced and was able to drive it
again. “I love driving the CR-V and I hope I am
able to drive it for the years to come and reach at
least 200,000 miles on it.”