Controversy behind Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why

Alexus Reed, Online Editor

Netflix’s original show titled 13 Reasons Why premiered on March 31st of this year. 13 Reasons Why revolves around a young high school girl named Hannah Baker, who later commits suicide and leaves behind 7 cassette tapes, each including a side A and side B. The show takes you on a journey as you listen along with Clay Jensen and uncover the truth to Hannah’s suicide. It has since then been popular. People from all around have took time to take to social media to tell how they feel about the show, but many people had some negative things to say.

A lot of controversial spark the minute it first hit Netflix. Along those lines many people have said things like “This show is stupid.” “How does someone kill themselves because they were bullied.” Others took time to strike back to those negative comments stating things like “This show hits you deep.” and others said that the show had helped them in many ways. One individual took to twitter and said “I don’t know what’s more disgusting the toxic masculinity, male entitlement, and rape culture shown in 13 Reasons Why or how realistic it is.” Many people have also taken to social media to make jokes and many memes about the show, a popular one including a “Welcome to your tape” meme. Many teachers, parents, mental-health experts believe that is glorifies suicide and is dangerous. Many schools are warning parents about the new show and how it may glamorize teen suicide.

How is it controversial is the question many teens and others are asking? Some say it is controversial because throughout the show there are instances of sexual assault, rape, underage drinking, driving under the influence, tons of body shamming and ultimately it shows Hannah’s suicide.

While many thoughts about 13 Reasons Why may be negative, plenty of people actually had great things to say. Including the writers and producers. They didn’t shy away to showing Hannah’s suicide, one producer mentioned that “We wanted everyone to understand and feel how it would be to be in Hannah’s shoes.” Writer Nic Sheff definitely didn’t want to shy away from it either. Nic was no stranger to suicide, he once wanted to take his own life, so he brought that experience to life while writing episode 6. He said “As soon as I read the pilot for 13 Reasons Why, I immediately knew it was a project I wanted to get involved in.”

Nic Sheff also stated in an interview with Vanity Fair while talking about Hannah’s story “I stand behind what we did 100%. I know it was right because my own life was saved when the truth of suicide was finally held up for me to see in all its horror and reality.”