Juventus vs Real madrid: The Titan Match of the Year

Bruno Puebla, Staff Writer

The end of the year can bring in many stressful moments, for example: final exams, SOL testing, and the never ending quest in trying to raise your grades up. But for others the biggest stress maker of all won’t happen until June 3rd, 2017. The Champions League final will be held in the National Stadium of Wales, located in Cardiff, the capital of Wales. The two titans clashing that night will be Juventus “The Old Lady” and “Los blancos” Real Madrid. The two have had an impressive run to get to the final this year, returning champs Real Madrid made a record breaking run this year with the help of their number 7.

Number 7 Cristiano Ronaldo has made history by being the first player to score 100 goals in the Champions League. Ronaldo scored the 100th goal against German team Bayern Munich. The team suffered heavily from his attacking prime form, having made a hat trick on them back to back. There is no doubt that the attacking force of “Los Blancos” isn’t just centered on Ronaldo, but also on number 10, James Rodriguez. Having being subbed on by coach Zinidene Zidane in the 80th minute of the Bayern match, and making a goal shortly after being on. The Colombian International clearly has no trouble marking his place on the field. Besides the likes of the attacking force of Real, the goalie has managed to shine a light on himself as well. During the recent semifinal against Athletico-Madrid, Kaylor Navas was able to block an outstanding amount of shots, including the back to back attempt by the Spaniards.

The final won’t be an “easy win” for Real anyways, their facing with the inform and young team Juventus. Having been already in the 2015 final, it’s no surprise to see the team yet again back to claim the title again. This time they are packing heavy fire power with strikers like number 21, Paulo Dybala, number 9  Gonzalo Higuain, and number 17 Mario Mandzukic. The three have been in an out of this world style of chemistry. Dybala having the confidence to play his game allows him to score or pass the ball to both Higuain and Mandzukic, who both can finish any attempt with no sweat. The team has the accompany of the mid field, wielding the expertise of number 6 Sami Khedira, and number 5 Pjanic. Both players have the ability to control risky situations in the middle of the field without losing the ball. The Team also assists with youngster Mario Lemina (number 18) The Team also consists of the famous Italian defense of death. Chellini, Barziagli, Bonucci are all names that are well known. Being known to be Italy’s starting defense for international games. The players may be in their early 30’s but they still pack an abundance of energy and they also bring experience to the table. This allows defenders like Rugani, and Ale Sandro to grow as future defenders of Juventus.

Cleary the final will be the one to watch to see which of the two European Titians can defeat the other. Both teams carry big name teams under their belt, having beaten them. Juventus carries the heads of Barcelona, Monaco, and Porto. Real Madrid comes with big wins over teams with the names of Atletico Madrid, Bayern Munich, and Napoli. The final is something that has to be one the biggest event of 2017, leave a comment down below on who do you think will win the final, or who did you think should have made it to the final instead.