Argentina Struggle To Choose A Head Coach

Bruno Puebla, Staff Writer

It can be compared to a back and forth battle on a warfront. The Argentine national soccer team is at a standstill. The sole act of choosing a head coach for the team has torn the nation apart. The idea of getting a new coach has been around since the coaching staff of Diego Maradona. People haven’t seem to be satisfied with any of the coaches that have recently stepped up to the plate, perhaps the only good head coach could have been Alejandro Sabella. Sabella was able to direct Argentina to the 2014 world cup final, but it wasn’t enough. Sabella played a style of play that solely focused on super stars only, he hadn’t picked the players that could really make a difference. But what happened in the past is not important, the nation is divided in between two great coaches, Jorge Sampaoli and Diego Simeone.

Sampali has been the more eager of the two coaches to step up to the plate. Although his biggest challenge in making the spot, is his contract with Spanish team Sevilla, having the contract end until June 2018. The Argentine National Soccer Association can pay a hefty fee for the release clause. None the less, the Argentine coach has been making great decisions in an interview about how he would change the team. Saying that he would make striking and mid-field changes, introducing players like Maurio Icardi (Inter de Milan) and Paredes (Roma). The idea that Sampaoli is going for is a great direction to start of his career if it’s so he is assigned the spot.

Diego Simeone is the other name that the lights are shinning on. The Argentine coach is currently coaching for the Spanish team Atletico Madrid, which were just recently taken out of the Champions league. The team doesn’t seem to be stopping their enthusiasm to play, and maybe that’s why the AFA thinking about choosing him. If he is to be chosen, then he will introduce a whole new way of playing for Argentina. Most likely he would bench Messi, and most of his super star friends in the team. Allowing the rise of new, young, talented players ready to fight for their spot in the national team. In a recent interview Simeone said that the biggest obstacle that Argentina faces now, is that the players are struggling ot give their 100 percent effort on the field. There is no doubt that a major change needs to happen in Argentina and maybe Simeone is the man to do it. But the real question is if he wants to join. Simeone has been constantly putting off his response to the offer of being head coach. His request is that he will be coach, but there will be many major changes in the way Argentina is run. Of as so far, there is no response on if he will be the coach. Either way, all eyes are on him.

So the race is down to two coaches, Simeone and Sampaoli. Two great coaches chosen to coach a broken team. It seems the only thing that Argentine soccer fans can do is to see what the AFA does in choosing a coach. Who do you think should be the coach? Is there someone else you think should hold the position? Is there something you would do to the national team if you were coach? Go ahead and leave a comment down below.