Tips to a Healthy Lifestyle

Erin Rodriguez, staff writer

                        There are many ways to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle. We can improve our health habits by making gradual changes in your daily routine.

A healthy lifestyle does not have certain guidelines in which we must follow, it can be interpreted in different ways by a variety of people. The universal definition of a “Healthy Lifestyle” is maintaining a balance of both mental and physical health. Physical and mental health play a major role in the development of a healthier lifestyle. For example, your physical health is closely linked to your mood.

Your diet also plays a major role when looking to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Although it is crucial that you stay away from processed foods, we must remember that most of the food we eat and buy from the grocery store is processed food. For example, control portion sizes and avoid sodas and sugary enhanced drinks. If we completely abandon eating processed food we would miss out on necessary nutrients. The food at the grocery store contains Genetically Modified Organism’s which is processed food. These nutrients allow for the growth of a healthy body.

A great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to exercise daily. Many people use the excuse of not having enough time to participate in physical activity. If we ease into the idea of fitting exercise into our lifestyle, then we will live healthier lives. A few simple ways in which we can exercise is by going for a run, walking your dogs, and even riding your bike. Although many may think otherwise, you do not need to perform rigorous exercises in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With a good attitude and an open mindset, any and all goals can be achieved.

Whether you choose to make this healthy lifestyle change because you are forced to do so because of health issues or you simply want to become a healthier person. With practice, patience, and the help of others we can reach our goals. In conclusion, we should all strive to become healthier people.