2017 Prom: Big Hit or Big Bust?

By Omar Tamimi, Sports Editor

Many high school students look forward
to prom every year. From the promposals
to the dance, it is a wonderful experience. But
was this year’s prom really worth the time, effort,
and money? Students spend upwards of $300 on
suits, dresses, food, and tickets in the hopes that
they will have a memorable night, but many students
came away disappointed with certain aspects
of the evening. For others, it was the night
of their lives; they danced with their friends and
for those hours in the ballroom they did not
have a care in the world.
We got a chance to chance to talk to students
who enjoyed it and they gave us a rundown
of what it was like. Casey Knepley (11)
explained, “More planning could have gone into it, but it was a great experience with my friends
and I would say it was worth every penny I put
into it.”
Chris Pardo (12) said, “Prom is one of
those parts of high school that everyone overthinks;
you do not need to spend loads of money
to have a great night, you should just enjoy the
people around you in the final moments of high
school.” Surely students had a great time but the
majority of people disagree.
Whether it was the inexperience on the
Prom Committee roster or the underfunding,
many FCHS students regret spending the money
that they did. Farah Mena (12) told us that “It
seemed very rushed, not much planning went
into it, the DJ seemed as if he did not know what he was doing, and the food was atrocious.”
This is very sad to hear considering the
money, time, and effort that many put into a
night like this to make it great. “I received two
free prom tickets from the Claire’s Gourmet
Fundraiser. Not even the free tickets were worth
it,” Steven Huddleston (12) explained.
Clearly, there are many mixed opinions
about this year’s prom but it is one of those special
experiences that you can only have in high
school and it can easily be overlooked and many
do take it for granted. We hope that the elements
of this year’s prom that weren’t as good as
they could have been will be corrected in 2018,
making next year’s prom as great as it can possibly