Southern California faces blazing heat in record high temperatures

Laura Powell, Layout Artist

As the heat rises to an all new high, southwest California could face destructive fire weather conditions up till Tuesday. This weather behavior could be at great risk to lives and homes. Red flag warnings have already began as people are warned of possible wildfires and of the strong gusts. Gusts have been estimated to reach up to 70 mph according to meteorologist, Jake Sojda.

These winds are called Santa Anas that are known for causing severe amounts of fires, and destruction towards homes. Santa Anas happen mostly in the fall and winter, and happen because dry air is pushed over from deserts and the Great Basin. Due to this dry air, there is a low amount of humidity which help contribute to fire behavior. Afterwards, this air warms up which makes it more ideal for drying out crops and starting wildfires. As for the temperature, it could be in the 90s and possibly 100 degrees in select parts.

Not only will Southwestern California be affected, but so will Northern California. Forecasters have estimated that dangerous fire conditions will also occur this week in Northern California.

However, the California Department of Forestry and Fire protection have seen change for the better as they continue the fight against the flames There are 9 ongoing fires that have yet to be completely put out, and the winds will add more of a challenge. Luckily, many firefighters from all around have came to help. There are state, federal, and local fire resources, as well as firefighters even from Australia.

Anyone who works outside or spends large amounts of time outside have been urged to take frequent break, and be careful that outdoor activities do not spark a fire. Even the smoke and heat will cause a significant health hazard for areas that aren’t affected by the fire.