Is The Modeling Industry Changing?

Miracle Huff, Staff Writer

Indeed, the modeling industry is in fact changing. From supermodels to Instagram models, everything is revolutionary. The fact is the revolutionary change is how one is reflected in media and who the model is reflecting. Now there are models with albinism and models with ebony skin shown throughout social media.  There is even plus sized models and once there was a stigma where all models were very skinny. Why is this important? Because this change shows the reflection of the all sorts of people. It shows the person looking at their screen or skimming through the magazine that being light or dark, short, or tall, and even skinny or fat is okay. It gives people hope! And since it has become more normal over the years, people don’t see themselves less than the expectation of beauty but they see themselves reflected in media. Some may say this is no big deal but I believe that every race, culture, and size should be reflected in media because all of us make up the world we live in. I believe a more diverse social media and modeling industry is a better one. I also believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and not to fell taboo or less than. So is the modeling industry changing? Yes indeed and it says a lot about how we feel about ourselves and each other. So next time you are scrolling through social media or flipping through the magazine, ask yourself, “Is this model reflecting me?”