A Future Change for the Future Years

Jasmyne Singleton, Editor in chief

For as long as we can remember, J.E.B. Stuart has always been J.E.B. Stuart. They are our eternal rivals, the ones where we compete and hold our yearly #StompStuart rallies for upcoming games between us. What if, however, J.E.B Stuart changed? What would happen to our rivals, to our rallies?
That’s a question that we should all ponder because that’s exactly what the school board and representatives will be thinking about soon. The school board wants to change the name to something less controversial, but by changing it won’t that cause some controversy as well? Changing the school named after a Confederate cavalry leader has brought both wanted and unwanted attention. Arguments and frustration are resulting from this announcement, even if the decision won’t be reached until a few months.
If they do vote yes to the name change, it won’t be changing until a few years from now. So, how does this affect us? By changing a name that has been around for some decades, it shows the significance of change in the world. We saw what could possibly happen back in August, in Charlottesville, and also in June 2015 in Charleston. As we progress in life, we notice that any little thing could either leave the world bitter and weak, or loving and full of happiness and strength.
We must come to an understanding that change is necessary to making this world a better place to live in. Everything can become a cause and effect. As the future generations to come, we should all try our best in everything we do. What we plan to do today can ultimately change our tomorrow. Let’s all keep this in mind as we continue with our lives, and continue making changes for the greater good of this world.