Class of 2021 Adjusts to New High School Life

Laura Powell, Layout Artist

From Left to Right: Ilben Tellez (9), Kahlayla Tanner (9), Laura Powell (9), and Shellene Libert (9)
laugh about first highschool memories.
(Photo courtesy of Mariela Tesorero)

It’s the start of a new year, and with a new year brings a new freshman class. Each student has their own opinions on starting something as bold as high school. I interviewed a few freshmen to find out what they thought of now being in high school. Many had different opinions on matters while others had similar responses.
“High school is a big change from middle school,” said Annie Stier (9), “It was really hard at first, but it’s fun now.”
While some found it difficult at first, some found it relatively simple. “I think finding classes was easy for me,” said Maddie Daniels (9).
It’s not always easy adjusting to something new. When asked about the worst parts of it so far, they all gave answers that were very relatable. “The schedule [was hard] because it changes and I get confused,” said Mariela Tesorero (9).
Another freshman, Emily Phan (9), said that the cafeteria could have better food, and she also thinks that there is a lot of homework. Ilben Tellez (9) agreed—there is more homework than in middle school.
Kahlayla Tanner (9) noticed that “some people have attitude.”
Maddie thinks that waking up early is tough, but overall, she said, “I love high school, I can’t say anything bad.”
Most freshmen here are looking towards the more positive side. Many freshman enjoy the new amount of freedom that comes with being in high school. “The best thing is probably more freedom.” said Annie. Other students said it improved their social life. “Getting to find new friends, I guess,” Mariela thought was the best
In contrast, many freshman believe a few things could be altered around the school. “All of the teachers should have the same way of doing things.” said Isabela Vieira (9). Mariela asked, “Why do they have lockers if we aren’t going to use them? Why do we have to carry around backpacks?”
Maddie suggested, “Have a hallway for all electives.” Annie agreed that it can be a challenge getting to know a larger building. “I tend to either be late or get lost easily.”
In conclusion, when asked about their expectations of high school versus the reality, most freshman said it wasn’t what they expected. “Definitely not. It’s way different than I thought it would be, but that’s not a bad thing!” said Annie. Others thought high school was even harder than what they expected it to be; Emily was one of them: “It’s so much harder! All the teachers teach really fast though, so you have to pay attention.” she said.