FCHS Students React to New Fairfax Co. School Calendar

Miracle Huff, Staff Writer

Fairfax County Public Schools voted 9 to 1 to move the school start date back one week this year, so that school could start on August 28, 2017 rather than the day after Labor Day. It is an ongoing debate as to whether this change was a good idea. Should we have the extra week of summer before school? Here is what the students and staff at Falls Church High School think about this new change.
The students were asked, “How do you feel about school starting before Labor Day?”
Cindy Rivera (9) said, “I don’t see a difference because I’m pretty sure we had the day off on Labor Day.”
Another student, Selena Banthavong (9) said, “I am fine with it honestly, I don’t really have a preference.”
And this was the view for many students. But not all students had the same view. You would guess most students would hate the idea but there were some students who thought it was great.
“It’s better because we started summer vacation earlier and the weather is better,” said Maureen Keating (9). That view was smart because she’s basically saying she feels like we are not missing summer regardless of the fact that some other schools were not in session as early as FCPS.
Another student, Sophia Sabbagh (9), said, “I was like, ‘Aaahhh schools out,’ but now that schools in, I actually have something to do.”
Maureen and Sophia seem not to mind school is in, and actually like the idea. They have a good prospective looking at it.
Mrs. Draschner (History teacher) claimed, “I think it is wonderful because I teach AP History and the date for the exam is the same for every school no matter the start time so when school starts in August the students get more time to review. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time.”
Clearly that is a valid point, and one of the strongest reasons for starting school earlier, that we, as students, have more time to learn even though we do love the summer time as much as the teachers and staff.
Still, some students aren’t happy about the change. Victoria Hernandez (9) isn’t. “I kind of think it is stupid. It took time out of my vacation.”
What do you think? Do you dislike the new start time? Do you love it? Do you even care? Check out our newspaper’s website at Jagwirefchs.com and cast your vote to let us know what you think about the new start time.