Bachelor of the Month: Rojo Ramiandrisoa

Adam Bihi, News Editor

Rojo Ramiandrisoa (11) is the Bachelor of the Month.
(Photo by Adam Bihi)

If you’ve been looking for a great guy and a special someone to take to homecoming or just someone to cherish, look no further than Rojo Ramiandrisoa (11)! Rojo is a hilarious and smart guy who is single and ready to mingle. He took time out of his day to allow me to ask him a couple questions in hope that he can find Ms. Right.
What is your full name?
My full name is Rojo Ramiandrisoa.”
What grade are you in?
I’m a junior, class of 2019.
How old are you?
I’m 16 years old, but I’m about to turn 17 on October 30.
Is there any hobby that you enjoy doing?
I don’t have any regular hobbies, but in my free time, I like to do a bunch of stuff. Most of the time I’m surfing the internet, usually watching videos, and using social media. Other times I play video games and I watch a lot of football, especially on Sunday.
What is your ideal type of girl?
My ideal type of girl is just someone who’s just fun to hang around with. I want someone who’s nice, charismatic, funny and cute. Also, I sort of want her personality to be similar so she’s always fun to be around.
Are there any turn-offs that you have?
The only real turn-off I have is when girls are high maintenance and uptight. It just makes it hard to be with someone like that, making it annoying not only for you, but also the other people you two deal with.
Do you have any plans for your ideal first date?
I don’t have specific plans for my first date, mainly because I don’t think I would get that far, but for now, I would probably go see a movie and have dinner after. After dinner, I’d like to just walk around the nearby area with her and just hang out.
What’s your favorite food and restaurant?
My favorite food is Pho, the Vietnamese noodle soup and my favorite restaurant is this really good Vietnamese place in Eden Center called Huong Viet.
Any future goals you hope to accomplish?
For my future goals, long term is just basic, graduate from college and get a good job. Right now, I want to get my license soon so I can drive around and have fun.
What is your favorite TV show?
My favorite TV show is How I Met Your Mother, although my friends have bashed me for this, but it’s a great show.
Who is your favorite musician?
My favorite musician is Macklemore, because his songs are really good and they usually have a lot of meaning.
If you’re still looking for a guy that’s smart, charming, and funny, why don’t you give Rojo Ramiandrisoa a chance and see what happens?