Is Reading the News Bad for You?

Miracle Huff, Staff Writer

Many of us start the day by going onto our social media pages and thinking  about the things that goes on in our worlds at this moment. But will looking at the news effect people mentally? A lot of people watch the news because they like to know what is going on in the world around them. But some people feel that the news cause feelings of anxiety and sometimes sadness. There are many pros and cons of watching the news. Many people find it hard to watch the news without feeling a type of emotion like sadness ,anger or maybe even fear. A lot of times,people remember the bad that is happening in our world and not the good which could be distressing to all people. But everyone,being humans like to know about the politics going on and crime,so we watch the news anyway. News tells us whats going on so there is no big secret. Plus watching the news show us the reality of which we live in so none of us walks around ignorant.Even though news can strike fear through us,it us good to know right?What do you think about it? Is the news bad for our mental health?