Broncos look to square up against Colts tonight

Adam Bihi, News & Opinion Editor

Tonight at 8:30 PM EST on NBC,  The surprisingly underachieving Denver Broncos face off against the struggling Indianapolis Colts  in a game that most people expect to be a boring, low scoring game, an unusual trait of describing Thursday Night Football games as most of them have been high scoring, thrilling nailbiters up until the last second.

The Broncos are better than their record tells despite coming off an 8 game losing streak after starting the season 3-1, finally ending the streak by shutting out  the New York Jets 23-0 last Sunday. Many fans and critics blame the poor record on head coach Vance Joseph with his puzzling play calling and quarterbacks Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch, two quarterbacks who have been competing for the right to be called the Broncos starter over the summer and maybe even next year. The broncos have had troubles with their offense and special teams. The same core of defensive players that led them to Super Bowl 50 are now suffering as a result of the offenses incompetence, being gassed having to come back to the field because Siemian or Paxton can not manage a drive longer than 2 minutes. General manager and 2 time super bowl winning quarterback John Elway should consider cleaning house and finding a new signal caller if this keeps up.

On the other side is the Indianapolis Colts, even though the Colts have a slightly worse issue, some of that can be excused by the fact that their franchise player and star quarterback Andrew Luck, is currently on IR. Without Luck, the Colts were forced to trade for the New England Patriots third string quarterback Jacoby Brissett, Brissett has done an adequate job and should be the least of the Colts worries, but his inexperience should be concerning as this has led to him making silly mistakes that ultimately cost the Colts a couple of games, add along a head coach that has completely overstayed his welcome, The Colts need a new head coach and hire the best doctors money has for Luck and pony up for his services for a long time.


Ultimately, this looks to be a close low scoring game between both defenses.