How Are Our Fellow Jags Spending Thanksgiving?

Jason Darling, Sports Editor

Thanksgiving is one of the longest-established American holidays, having been around for hundreds of years, and the people of America have a wide variety of ways to spend it. Many people opt for the traditional style of having a large feast with many members of their family, and watching the three annual football games. Many others take a more unorthodox approach to Thanksgiving, participating in activities that may not be as traditional in nature, but no matter how you spend it, Thanksgiving is always a time to celebrate!
People all over school are finding interesting ways to spend their Thanksgiving break, like Carson Hopkins (12), who says, “I’m going to have dinner at my house with my family, and the Redskins have a big game on Thanksgiving, so I’m excited for that too.” Like Carson, others will have their eyes glued to the TV for the three big NFL games on Thanksgiving between the Lions and Vikings at 12:30 p.m., the Cowboys and Chargers at 4:30 p.m., and the Redskins and Giants to close out the night at 8:30 p.m.
Another student, Mark Slacin (12), is opting for a traditional Thanksgiving, but with a bit of a twist on the traditional meal. He says, “I’m just staying home this Thanksgiving, but my family is coming to town and we’re going to have a feast, and vegan turkey will be a staple of my meal. I’ll probably watch some of the football games too.” Sounds like a great way to spend Thanksgiving!
Roberto Mejia (12) says, “I’m especially excited for Thanksgiving this year since it falls on my birthday, November 23, and all my family will be in town.” That is nice coincidence for him, and is definitely reason to be excited!
Alex Bruning (12) is ready for Thanksgiving too, saying, “Family members from both Cincinnati and Florida are coming to visit. First, we are going to have a big dinner, then we’re probably going to go to National Harbor and visit the ice show they have there every year.”
Those are just a few of the ways that students are spending their holiday. There are many other people from around the school that are going to spend it in many other ways. That may be as simple as a family dinner or a trip to the Redskins game, or it could be something less traditional, but for everyone, Thanksgiving is something to look forward to.