Swim and Dive Gets Ready to Make a Splash

Adam Bihi, News and Opinion Editor

With winter coming around the corner and fall sports ending, it’s time for the Swim & Dive Team to take action again! Last year’s team was very successful, going all the way to states, but they hope to capitalize and grow further on their recent success and work hard. Even though they lost their beloved coach Nikki Williams, they hope that recently-introduced new head coach Peter Milligan can help them keep up their success. We asked around to several members of last year’s swim team who plan on competing for Falls Church this year again on how they prepared for the season over the summer and any advice they could give to any hopeful freshmen or newcomers for the team. Leo Goldblatt (10) says that “My expectations are that it will be fun and that everyone will work together to help each other improve.” When asked about his training routine he replied, “I trained 20 hours a week, so every day twice a day. One last remark he had to say about the freshmen and new people joining the Swim and Dive team was that “Even if you never swam before, I encourage you to try out because pretty much everyone is welcome to the team and it’s a great way to meet new people and try new things.”Jimmy Murphy (10) remarked, “I’m really excited for this season, I had a lot of fun last year and learned some things that I think will help me out this year and I can’t wait to see all of the new people while swimming with some with the members of the team once again.”John Cascella (10) said, “I’m so ready, I’ve been spending the summer working out extensively at Providence and my local swimming pool. I feel that I have improved a lot from last year as a freshman and with all of the experience that I had last year, I feel destined for a breakout season and I can’t wait to show everyone and hopefully help us go to states and win a championship.”The Swim and Dive season will kick off on Friday, December 1 against Robert E. Lee High School at Aubrey Moore RECenter located in Annandale, Virginia and will continue until February 16. Good luck to both the returning and the new team members!

The Falls Church Swim and Dive team cheers each other on at a recent practice.
(Photo by Lifetouch)