Fairfax Sportsplex Offers Hot Competition in Cold Weather

Jocelyn Arraya, Layout Artist

Are you a soccer or volleyball player? Do you want to be in a league for the upcoming winter? The Fairfax Sportsplex is the way to go. Fairfax Sportsplex is located at 6800 Commercial Drive in Spring field. Walking into the Sportsplex, you feel an electric vibe as soon as you enter, you hear the shouting of the players and the crowd of people cheering. Walking in, you can practically feel the competition flowing from all of their fields and courts.
There they offer fields and courts for people who wish to play either soccer or volleyball. In total it has five different fields, three turf fields and two courts. At Fairfax Sportsplex they offer men’s, women’s, coed, and all youth leagues for both volleyball and soccer, as well as tots classes for younger kids. They rent out their fields all week for people who wish to play games with friends or family members.
What makes them different from other recreational buildings in the county is that they have all of their fields indoor and are smaller than what you might see elsewhere. When playing in fields like these, you feel the intensity throughout the whole game as you’re constantly rubbing shoulders with the opposing team during these fast-paced games. They are also a family-owned business and have been up and running for 26 years.
Along with the bottom floor, which has all of the fields and courts, upstairs they have a balcony for those who attend games to watch from a better view. Also upstairs they have an impressive snack bar. Here they sell all kinds of sodas and Gatorade along with chips, nachos, candy, pizza, and much more. Next
Fairfax Sportsplex features three fields and two courts.
(Graphic courtesy of Fairfax Sportsplex)
Providence RECenter offers indoor activities to help you stay in shape throughout the winter.
(Photo by Conley Ku)to the snack bar, they have their lounge area that includes a TV that allows you to watch whatever you may want.
Fairfax Sportsplex is always trying to stay on the forefront of sports complexes technology. An example of that is their recent installation of the new pure play turf in one of their fields, making them the first to have Pure Play in Virginia. Pure Play is a new type of artificial field that comes without the infill.
John Gianelli, the general manager of Fairfax Sportsplex, said the following about the new Pure Play, “A big reason for us wanting to install Pure Play is because of the health concerns that are said to come with the infill of the regular type of artificial turf.” They are also soon to renovate the other two artificial turf fields.
Fairfax Sportsplex has also won the 2016 Small Business Excellence Award for the “Active Work” classification. If you’re interested in going to Fairfax Sportsplex or want to know more about what they offer and do there feel free to visit their website at http://www.fairfaxsportsplex.com/.

Fairfax Sportsplex features three fields and two courts.
(Graphic courtesy of Fairfax Sportsplex)