Bachelorette of the Month: Alice Almendras-Rocha

Jocelyn Arraya, Layout Artist

If you’re looking for an amazing girl to love and care for, look no further than Alice Almendras-Rocha (9)! Alice is an intelligent and beautiful girl and is open to finding her soulmate. She took time out of her day to let me ask her a few questions about her, and about her Mr. Right.
What’s your full name?
Alice Melody Almendras-Rocha.
What grade are you in?
I’m in the ninth grade.
How old are you?
I’m fourteen years old. My birthday is February 7.
Is there any hobbies you enjoy doing?
I like to play soccer and basketball. I’ve played soccer since I was three. I’ve played basketball since I was ten. I would always watch games on TV and it looked interesting to me so I wanted to try and play them.
What is your ideal type of guy?
My ideal type of guy would be someone who’s sweet; they have to be supportive. They also have to have a good attitude and be caring and they have to be cute.
Are there any turn-offs that you have?
My turn-offs would be when someone has a nasty attitude, or if they’re just boring. I have to be engaged in what they’re saying or doing.
Do you have any plans for your ideal first date?
For my ideal first date I would want to watch a movie, probably a comedy.
What’s your favorite food and restaurant?
My favorite food would be chicken alfredo and I really like to go to Olive Garden.
Any future goals you hope to accomplish?
I would like to graduate high school. I would want to go to high division colleges and have a high GPA.
What is your favorite TV show?
My favorite TV shows would be Riverdale and Grey’s Anatomy. My favorite character for Riverdale is Archie and for Grey’s Anatomy it would be Meredith.
Who is your favorite musician?
My favorite musician would be Partynextdoor and Drake. I like the type of music they make and how it sounds. My favorite album for Drake would be More Life, and for Partynextdoor it would be Seven Days.
So there you have it, gentlemen. If you’re trying to find a hilarious, smart, and athletic girl, why not give Alice Almendras-Rocha a try?

Alice Almendras-Rocha (9) is the bachelorette of the month.
(Photo courtesy of Alice Almendras-Rocha)