Keeping New Years Resolutions

Brendan Davis, Staff Writer

As the year is coming to a close, everyone normally comes up with resolutions they’d like to keep up with, such as losing weight, learning a new hobby or skill, or even spending more time with family or friends. I feel like anyone can keep and follow through with their resolutions if they have the will and determination, so I found some tips that might help you guys keep those resolutions.
Number one: Start small with baby steps; never take jumps or leaps with these things or you might rush the process and not fully complete it.
Number two: Take on one challenge at a time; it takes time with certain resolutions to change your behavior, if you try too hard you might end up being overwhelmed.
Number three: Look for other people with common resolutions, like a group who wants to reach the same goals as you.
Number four: Don’t beat yourself up or put yourself down. Making mistakes here and there isn’t bad—you can’t be perfect. Learn from your mistakes and try to not let it happen again.
Number five: Ask for support, you won’t need help all the time but it helps to have someone there with you like maybe going to the gym with your cousin or training with someone for something. Or maybe even talking to a psychologist or therapist and having them talk to you about your ups and downs or your progress.
Number six: Try cutting out anything bad from your diet or life; one example could be any type of drugs, specifically cigarettes. Try cutting out any fatty foods from your life too if you’re going for weight loss. If someone is getting in the way of you achieving your goals, think about talking to them about it and tell them to encourage you instead.

Ms. Kim’s 3rd period class partakes in a entertaining game of badminton.
(Photo by Brendan Davis)