The Logic of New Years

Miracle Huff, Staff Writer

What does a new year mean to you?
New beginnings, Resolutions, and self-improvement
Or nothing at all
The time of healing, growing, and pledging
Or failing it all.
When I think of the New Year’s,
I wonder in awe
Because none of us are the same as the year before
Unexpected changing is inevitable
Expected change is senseless
Once you dwell too much on it, the idea is useless.
You become lazy, sluggish, and incompetent
Unskilled with no pride
In something you ought to have completed
But failed to address at a prompt time.
Let New Year’s be a time of prioritizing
Think not to lose weight
But to be healthy
Think of your goals with highest regard
Always complete your goals with reason
Don’t compare yourself to someone else
You’re looking for the outside in
So to correlate would be tragic.
Have a nice New Year’s,
Spend with care
Remember new beginnings are in the air.
Spend your New Years with a dollop of wisdom,
Your day of change will surely come
We all don’t change over one night
So don’t give up on your goals
All great things take time.