Track Looks to Run Circles Around Opponents

Jason Darling, Sports Editor

With the winter sports season comes the arrival of indoor track, one of the most popular winter sports. Indoor track is essentially the same as outdoor track, but it is done indoors to avoid the cold weather of the winter.
There are some differences between indoor and outdoor track, though. The most obvious is the track itself. In outdoor track it is 400 meters around, but it is only 200 meters around in indoor track. Times for the track events are generally slightly longer than their outdoor counterparts too, due to the shorter track, which results in the runners having to run more curves. There are also generally fewer field events that involve throwing objects. For example, discus throw is excluded due to longer distances being required than there might be indoors.
Another big difference between indoor and outdoor track are the events. In outdoor track, there are races like the 100, 200, and 400 meter races, but in indoor track, the races are of different lengths, like the 55, 300, and 500 meter races just to name a few. They share some field events though, like long jump, triple jump, pole vault, and high jump.
There are five meets spaced throughout December and January, with regionals taking place in late January and early February. Track meets are not like the traditional games and matches of other sports. There are almost always more than two teams competing, and runners can choose which races and field events to prepare for. For example, if a runner wanted to run the 300 meter race, and do the long jump, he or she would prepare specifically for those two events as much as possible.
One athlete, Ryan Clary (12), says, “It’s my first time doing shot put, and at first I didn’t know if I would like it, but after the first couple of tries, I knew it was for me.” It’s good to see people trying new things and enjoying them.
The runners are currently nearing the end of their season, and have been off to a good start, good luck to them in the remainder of their season and as they move on to division finals.

Alex Bruning(12) attempts the high jump.
(Photo by Jason Darling)
The Falls Church 2017-18 Girls Indoor Track Team
(Photo courtesy of Falls Church Sports)