Girls’ Basketball Scores with Family-Style Friendships

Laura Powell, Layout Artist

It’s been another wonderful season for the Jags’ girls basketball teams at all levels—freshman, JV, and varsity. Basketball is a fun and exciting sport for the girls, and has impacted them in their skills on and off the court. In addition, basketball helps keep the student-athletes active throughout the cold winter season by practicing and competing in games. Throughout the season, the girls make new friends and learn to be more responsible on a team.
“Basketball taught me that working hard consistently is the only way to succeed,” says Torrie Maddox (10), a member of the varsity squad.
The three Jag basketball teams have many opportunities to interact with their counterparts, and get to know each other better through practices, games, and team dinners. Team dinners happen after every game and each level takes turns providing the food for all three teams.
While being on the team, they also get to work out as they have fun with their teammates, who become like family members to them, as Qai Corsepius (9) says about her freshman team: “The team is like a big family with its ups and downs, we laugh and have serious conversations.” Her teammate, Maxine Griffin (9), agrees. “My team is my family, they love the sport and so do I.”
The team has affected the girls’ lives outside of the game. It has taught them to work hard as a team, get to know more people, and how to manage their time more wisely. As JV player Sofia Faloni (9) says, “Being on this team has taught me how to be a leader and helped me make good friends.” Torrie has also grown as a result of being a part of Jag basketball. “This team has made me a better player and a better listener.” Qai says, “Being on the team impacts me by pushing my social skills to work as a team.”
There are five total coaches for all three teams: Coach Pritchett (Head Varsity), Coach Bailey (Assistant Varsity), Coach Kearney (Head JV), Coach Pendleton (Assistant JV), and Coach Charbonneau (Freshmen). These coaches not only train the girls, but they also become a friend to trust in.
Being a part of the team isn’t always fun and games, the girls also have to train and work hard at practices six days a week. This means the team needs to stay motivated and help each other through the harder times, such as conditioning.
“I am in an amazing team that encourages and drives each other to do their best,” says Lily Demilew (9) a member of the freshman squad.

Shellene Libert (9) takes the ball down the court on a fast break.
(Photo by Lifetouch)