Tide Pods Have Taken the Internet by Storm

Curran Gilster, Online Editor

Many of us by now have most likely heard of the Tide pod challenge. It has teenagers taking a bite out of a tide pod and recording it for the world to see. This challenge has landed many young adults in the hospital. The American Association of Poison Control Centers reported 39 cases of teenagers being exposed to the detergent pods.

This joke that started as a meme, has taken the adolescents of today by storm and has turned into something much more dangerous than just an internet joke. Some say the candy looking packet may persuade young children to eat it, but teenagers?

The pod once consumed results in severe burn to the mouth, esophagus, and respiratory tract. Cognitive issues may result, as well as diarrhea and vomiting.  Once consumed, saliva mixes with digestive enzymes to form a dangerous combo.

Tide in response has said that consuming these pods in extremely dangerous and could result in death. They have also called upon star Patriots tight end, Rob Gronkowski, to inform people about the dangers of taking a bite or consuming a Tide pod.

Tide pods arrived in stores in 2012, and since their release problems have occurred. Federal consumer officials have released warnings about the dangers of consumptions, but the problems still remain.

This challenge is not a joke and needs to be taken seriously. Jokes need to stop about this extremely dangerous challenge for the sake of our fellow adolescents. Hopefully once we stop these unacceptable comments, the idea of biting or eating a Tide pod will fade. Tide does not seem to be removing the Tide pods from shelves so it is our job to make sure we stop consuming the detergents pods. If you have taken a bite of consumed a Tide pod and should call poison control immediately and/or call 911.