Softball: Catch the New Season

Laura Powell, Layout Artist

Softball, a popular spring sport, is starting now and is ready to swing into action. Playing softball is a way to stay active during the final months of the school year while doing something enjoyable. In softball, nine girls in total play on the field at a time with some outfielders and infielders. There are seven total innings and each team takes turns playing offense and defense.
Five coaches manage and teach the girls: Coach Kelley (Head Varsity), Coach Suhok (Assistant Varsity), Coach Evans (Assistant Varsity), Coach Lee (Head JV), and Coach Brett (Assistant JV). These coaches encourage and help the girls with their strengths and weaknesses, and help them play better as a team.
Practices consist of the athletes starting out with a
quick warm-up, and some practice throws with a teammate. Afterwards the players work on drills, such as fielding the ball, and catching infield and outfield pop flies.
Throughout the season, the girls bond with their team and share their enthusiasm to play the sport. Many girls make new friends and work together to get better.
“I would say that my teammates are outgoing because they will put 110% into practices and games,” says Chloe Empleo (11), one of Spring 2017’s Varsity players. She added, “[Softball] affected me by making me more sociable and involved, it was such a great experience when I first started playing.”
Previous years’ players have great advice to give to athletes who plan on pursuing the sport. In addition, past players look forward to seeing new girls on the field. “Put your best efforts into it, it may seem a bit intimidating having a ball come at you at such a speed, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it which will make you ready and alert,” encourages Chloe.
Ava Willis (12), who has played softball at different levels for eight years, says, “[My] advice for new girls looking to playing this year would be to try and don’t worry about being cut, go into tryouts and have fun!”
With a new season comes new hopes for the team, which includes more playing and spending time with the team again. “What I’m looking forward to this season is playing with new teammates because I find it really exciting having new people join and making the team even better!” says Chloe.
“It being my senior year, I want to finish off on a good note and I’m looking forward to being with my teammates and having a great season,” says Ava.

One of last year’s team members takes a swing in a game.
(Photo by Lifetouch)