Girls’ Lacrosse Looks to Net A Successful Season

Laura Powell, Layout Artist

Spring is coming, and along with the wonderful weather the spring sports roll through, including girls’ lacrosse. In past years, the girls’ lacrosse team has had success with playing and working hard. Last year’s Varsity Head Coach, Lindsey Miller, returns and this year, there is a new Assistant Varsity Coach, Ashley Monger.
Spring sports tryouts started on February 19, and former players have great advice for new girls who are looking to join the team.
“My favorite part of being on a lacrosse team is making new friends and it also gave me a reason to exercise,” says Khadija Hassan (10). She also said, “Relax when you start to feel stressed out during a game. If it’s your first time trying out the best way to relax is to slow down, take a time out, and take a deep breath.”
Even if you’re not confident in yourself, Kaitlyn Williams (10) says you can still contribute. “Come ready to play, even if you don’t know how, and be ready to learn.”
In lacrosse, the main objective of the game is to score against your opponent by working with your teammates. There are 12 total girls on the field at once, and you have to cooperate with each other to take a win. There is a defensive line, offense, and a goalie. Some parts of the field are exclusive to some players, and when you score you can’t be inside the crease.
Last season the girls Varsity lacrosse team’s finished with a 4-7 record. However, it’s not all about the wins and losses, it’s also about creating strong friendships with your team.
“I love being a part of the team because there is so much bonding between the [girls],” said Adrianna Le (11).
“It helped me make more friends, and my best friends play, so I’m with them all the time,” said Kaitlyn. Lacrosse has additionally helped the players in other aspects outside of the game, such learning to balance school and athletic responsibilities. It also promotes the development of skills in other sports.
“It took up a lot of time in my after school schedule,” said Adrianna.
“It taught me skills that I could use for other sports too, like field hockey,” said Khadija.

Last year’s lacrosse team gets pumped up for a game.
(Photo by Lifetouch)