Gun control and school shootings

Brendan Davis, Staff Writer

19 years have passed since the Columbine High School shooting in Colorado, where a pair of armed students went out amidst the school and opened fire killing 13 people and injuring an additional 21 more people. On April 20th, some schools had planned to have a walkout to protest and pay respects to the victims and families that were involved in the tragic shooting that occured. Other schools for unknown reasons had not held a walkout or didn’t mentioned anything.


Now ever since the Parkland Shooting in Florida gun control has started to get more attention and uproars have been happening as unhappy citizens from both sides are trying to get their point across about how they feel and what they want done. “Raising the age limit to purchase semi-automatic rifles is consistent with what we now know about brain development,” said Thomas Duhamel, a pediatric psychologist arguing in favor of the bill. “Teenage brains are different from adult brains,” and, if a student is armed it is the likely result of a solitary, impulsive reaction. Jim Parsons, whose daughter Carrie was among the 58 killed in Las Vegas last year by a sniper using a modified AR-15, said, “There is no place is society for these weapons of mass destruction.” The Vegas gunman’s weapon was effectively turned into a machine gun with a bump stock, which some states, including Washington just this week, have banned. They have even started considering arming school staff as in teachers.

School shootings or shootings in general shouldn’t ever take place anywhere. Communities everywhere will try to stop them from happening one by one.