Falls Church HS MUN Wins Best Small School Delegation

Jasmyne Singleton, Editor-in-Chief

For as long as we can remember, Model UN, or officially titled the Model United Nations, is an extra-curricular activity where students play the role of delegates to the UN. This activity can usually be found in high school or college, but can sometimes be in middle school too. Model UN is sponsored by Mr. Walsh (Social Studies), and meetings held every Tuesday after school in Room 204.
This year our Model UN was presented with the Best Small School Delegation award, meaning that our Model UN team achieved the best overall performance among schools of our size in the conference. The Jagwire had the pleasure of asking some club members about the event and what exactly happened. Christopher Boose (12), the club’s Secretary-General, was eager to discuss the club’s achievements:
How often had FCHS Model UN won awards previously?
We’ve never gotten any gavels, just lesser awards.
Would FCHS Model UN be considered an underdog?
I would like to think so since we’re a smaller club with a lesser presence and fewer resources.
What were your expectations leading into this year?
I wanted to be able to do something for this club this year. I had been a member of the club for years and I did not want to see it vanish by the end of this year.
How do you feel the resurgence of the club in this past year?
The resurgence this year was not unforeseeable, it has an appeal to teenagers, the change was a long time coming, this issue was publicity and familiarity, and can be continuously present.
Do think that there is a “type of kid” that does Model UN?
The club can have a wide appeal, ability to express thought, the issue is that certain students are drawn to the club, there is no one type or architype. It’s just a certain trait or character, if that.
What does it mean to you to have a double gavel conference accompanied by lesser awards and then a school delegation award?
It means that the club is not going to wither out anytime soon. It’s setting our expectations, and moving out of the underdog position, stepping into a larger role, while hitting our stride.
How would you describe your feelings when presented with this award?
I’m proud that this award was presented to us. I feel like we did a lot in order to receive it, and I’m glad all of the hard work put in is paying off.
Please continue to show support to our Model UN students as they strive for even greater success. Remember, it’s not too late to join! So speak with Mr. Walsh in room 204 and come experience Model UN in all its glory.