Bachelorette of the Month: Victoria Kalambayi

Laura Powell, Layout Artist

Victoria Kalambayi (9) is a kind, caring, and hilarious girl who is single and ready to mingle. She is a hard-working freshman, who loves seafood and listening to Beyoncé music. Victoria is also a very friendly and social girl, who gets along with everyone. Therefore, if you know Vicky, she is also known to be hilarious, and she’ll always put a smile on your face.
Where were you born?
I was born in Baltimore, Maryland. To be more specific I was born in the hospital right next to the University of Maryland.
Favorite celeb and why?
Beyoncé, she is truly an inspiration and I just love who she is a person. In my opinion, all her songs go hard and that’s the truth!
Favorite song and why?
I don’t even know at the moment. I listen to a variety of songs. The one song I have in mind right now is “Sativa” by Jhenè Aiko.
Favorite TV show and why?
Bates Motel. It is a very interesting show about a relationship between a mother and a son to see how far they’ll go to protect each other.
Favorite movie and why?
I do not like watching movies because after finishing it, I feel like I have nothing to do. But, I do watch a lot of documentaries about marine life. I just love the nature of marine life and how under different circumstances, the animals come out strong with their adaptations.
What’s your zodiac sign?
I’m a Leo.
Favorite season and why?
Summer, because that is the season where I feel the best. Nothing to worry about, but wondering what you want to do the next day with friends or family.
One word to describe yourself?
Do you have any hobbies?
No hobbies really consume my time, except if you count track.
Favorite food and why?
Anything seafood. Shrimps, scallops, salmon, you name it. Except sushi, which is disgusting.
Favorite actor/actresses and why?
I don’t specifically have one. However my favorite TV show/movie genre is documentary because it informs and educates me on stuff I didn’t know.
What is your ideal date?
A little get-together at an aquarium.
Favorite animal and why?
Sharks. They don’t scare me, they are just the cutest thing ever.
What do you believe is your strongest characteristic?
My strongest characteristic is always being optimistic. Even when problems come from left and right, I keep calm through it all.
So if you’re looking for a fascinating, marine-loving, and independent girl, your search is over.

Victoria Kalambayi (9) has a love for
marine life.