Humans of Falls Church: Student Athletes

Jia Williams, Feature Editor

In each publication of the paper, we ask four jaguars a question about themselves. This issue’s question is, “What is your favorite part of playing high school sports and why?” Here are their responses:

“I was never really into playing sports because of its complications and my fear of being injured, but when I made the lacrosse team, it wasn’t half as bad as I thought it was going to be. Working and communicating with my teammates was something completely new for me. Everyone is always so encouraging and kind. I don’t think it’s about playing the sport, but about the athletes you’re going to meet. I’ve been inspired by certain people and personally, it’s a place where I feel accepted. I’m infatuated with the rush of adrenaline not when we win a game, but the cheer we do after. ” -Sophia Nguyen (9)
“I love playing high school sports because it is a way for me to hang with a bunch of my friends that all share a common interest! I’ve laughed more than I ever have. I’ve also met some of my best friends in other grades that I would’ve never met without sports! My coaches have also been a huge part of who I’ve become in high school. I, by no means, excel dramatically in any sport, but at Falls Church, they want you to challenge yourself and try new things! Two of the sports I’ve done in high school were completely new to me, but now I’ve picked up new abilities.”
-Ellie Thatcher (11)
“I play soccer and for our school’s boys volleyball club. I enjoy several things about playing high school sports. One of my favorites is the camaraderie and support that develops throughout the team. Last year, I barely knew anyone on the soccer team. Now they are all really good friends of mine and I cherish having the privilege to play with them. They always support each other no matter what and that is something that I will always value and appreciate. On top of this, I love to compete with other schools. I enjoy getting the opportunity to go out and show that my team is the best there is.”
-Xavier Arana (11)
“My favorite part of playing sports during my past four years of high school has definitely been the people I have met and the skills I have gained. Some of my closest friends are the ones I’ve met playing field hockey and tennis. Sports not only helped me meet people with the same passions as me, but it’s been a motivator for me academically. It’s sometimes hard to balance sports and academics, but sports have actually forced me to stay on top of my schoolwork, which is really important to me! I can’t wait to continue playing sports in college and definitely think playing a sport is key to having a really great high school experience!” -Laura Kiesel (12)