Car of the Month: Ryan Clary’s 2006 Dodge Stratus

Jia Williams, Feature Editor

This issue’s car of the month is Ryan Clary’s 2006 Dodge Stratus. Ryan received his car after his old car, a Jeep, broke down this past summer, and so he enjoys being able to drive around again. His favorite thing about the Dodge Stratus is that it is super reliable and inexpensive, which are some key things to look for in a car for a new driver. The Dodge also has many advantages compared to his old car like better gas mileage.
It has a couple of other features that make it more comfortable to drive. His personal favorite feature is the seats “because they’re really cozy and are good for keeping warm when it gets cold in the fall and winter time.”
His car, although not the most recent and updated model, still holds its own and gets Ryan from place to place. A few of the most frequent places he goes in his car are friends’ houses, practice, school, or his own home. When he is out with his car, there are many things he likes to do. One of his favorite things to do is “drive home after a long day of school and baseball practice while relaxing and listening to some of my favorite music.”
His favorite memory with his car is when he drove up to Philadelphia with a friend during a snowstorm. He said that “even though it was pretty dangerous, just the experience of driving up there was a lot of fun.”
Driving a car as a young driver can be a little intimidating, but Ryan has done a great job of caring for his car and keeping it in good condition. “I love my car, and I’m lucky to have it for the next couple of years. I’m excited to see where it’ll take me.”

Ryan Clary (12) poses with his 2006 Dodge Stratus.