How the Class of 2019 Prepped for the Perfect Prom

Jia Williams, Feature Editor

Dating back to the 1940s, movies and films about high school have typically involved the picture-perfect prom. Whether it’s a romance or comedy, the setting of prom is always the same: Dancing teenagers, punch bowls, pretty lights, and over-the-top decorations. So what exactly goes into planning the perfect prom? At Falls Church, the Junior class is put in charge of organizing prom. Much of the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the class officers: president Stephanie Murphy (11), vice president Jia Williams (11), secretary Indy Bui (11), and treasurer Jacob Butler (11). The class sponsors, Mrs. Cassady and Mrs. Vedala and Class administrator, Ms. Lally also make prom possible with the amount of help they give to the officers.
This year, prom is being held at the Westin hotel in Tysons Corner. Even just reserving the venue for the dance takes good communication and needs to happen several months prior to the dance. Planning for prom does not start in junior year, but oftentimes starts in the sophomore year of officers. It takes many meetings with administrators, sponsors, and volunteers to organize all that is needed for the dance. Along with reserving the venue, officers and sponsors must hire photographers, find a DJ, and order catered food. Stephanie Murphy (11) says, “Planning prom is actually a lot harder than people seem to think it is. While we listen to what our peers want to see at prom, we also have to be financially smart.”
As the day draws closer, officers, sponsors, and student volunteers work to finish final preparations. Tickets for the dance are sold at lunches, emails are sent to the DJ, and decorations are made. Indy Bui (11), the class secretary says, “Even if we are super stressed trying to get everything to work out, it’s worth it in the end when everyone is enjoying our hard work at the dance.”
On the night of prom, while most students are getting ready for the night ahead, the junior officers, sponsors, and administrator are making the finishing touches to the dance. The decorations are hung up, the food is properly laid out, and the photographers and DJ set up their equipment. “I think it’s going to be really satisfying watching everything we planned so hard for coming together to make prom awesome,” says Jacob Butler (11), the class treasurer.
While getting everything ready for prom may be hectic, the officers and teachers always try their best to make their prom a memorable one.

Excited students buying their prom tickets early from Ms. Lally in the cafeteria.
(Photo by Jia Williams)