Boys Soccer Scores With A Great Season

Laura Powell, Layout Artist

Boys soccer is currently coming to a close as the school year and season end. Two coaches have led the teams, Coach Diamond (Varsity) and Coach Harman (Asst. Varsity and Head JV). The coaches take time off to train the players and work with them to make a stronger team in practices and games. This year is Coach Diamond’s first year and he has high hopes for watching the team grow and develop. “I really love seeing the development of not just the individuals, but the collective whole, building together,” he said.
In a soccer match, eleven players work together on the field to beat their opponents. The general positions played are striker, midfielder, defender, winger, and keeper. Each position contributes crucially to the outcome of the game with equal importance.
“My favorite thing about playing soccer is the passion,” said midfielder Noah Laureano (9).
In practices, the team starts out with a warmup, works on passing progression, and then moves to the specific focus of the day. These practices have helped equip the teams for success in their seasons. As of right now, the Varsity team has an 8-4-0 record while Junior Varsity stands with a 5-3-2 record. The team has worked extremely hard throughout the season to progress and win more games. It’s also impacted the players in other aspects.
“Soccer has taught me how to be responsible with things,” said center midfielder Abelardo Almendras (10), who’s played soccer since he was 10 years old.
“Soccer has taught me discipline like responsibility, being on time to practice. It has taught me to be a better human being.” said left center midfielder, Fabio Lopez (10).
The boys have also created a strong friendships, on and off the field. Throughout practices and games, the team has to cooperate with each other every second on the field.
“We’re a hard-working team that never gives up, I was looking forward to working hard and trying to get the dub,” said center-midfielder Patrick Paranhos (10).
“I think we’re a good team, that has the ability to accomplish many things,” said Fabio.
Playing soccer has also taught the team members about sportsmanship and teamwork. With wins and losses, the team learns to work harder and keep going.
“I’m looking forward to seeing the potential of doing some great things,” said Coach Diamond, a very experienced coach of seven years.
“My favorite thing about the sport is the camaraderie. I’m looking forward to being undefeated and winning against any trash-talkers,” said goalkeeper Herson Ventura (10).
“Soccer has taught me how to be more responsible with things, although at first we were a little disorganized, I’m looking forward to conference with the team,” said Abelardo.

The boys varsity soccer team shares a moment together before a game.
(Photo by Lifetouch)