Car of the Month: Noah Sedmak’s 2004 Jeep Cherokee

Curran Gilster, Online Editor

This issue’s Car of the Month is Noah Sedmak’s (12) 2004 Jeep Cherokee. Noah’s car is a black four door with a big rack on the top that you may see driving into the school parking lot in the morning. He recently just bought the car for $800 from a neighbor. “The car works very well for the price I paid,” Noah says.
The car still runs well. It features a large rack on the top that can carry large amounts of gear that he may need to haul. Noah says, “I like the functionality of the car, I don’t imagine ever going off-road, but it’s nice to know that if I have too, I can.” He had this to say about his favorite feature of the car: “I like the way it looks. It has that kind of vintage look that I think is really visually appealing.” When asked if there were any negatives, he said, “The two main downsides of the car are that there is no aux cord so I’m stuck with whatever the radio is playing and that the car can only fit five people.”
The car has had some issues though with some of the windows and doors not always working. “Yeah, sometimes the windows won’t roll down and the doors get jammed but that’s alright because it gets the job done of getting me and my brother to and from school every day,” he says. He also pointed out that the car would be useful for college too, because he would need it to get around the spread-out campus of Grove City College in Pennsylvania.
“Overall I am very happy with this car and I’m glad I made the choice to buy it. It may not be perfect but it’s been good and satisfying to me. I’m happy that I will get to drive this car around for the next few years,” he says.

Noah Sedmak’s (12) Jeep 2004 Cherokee was quite a steal at the low price of only $800!
(Photo courtesy of Noah Sedmak)