IHOP changing its name to ‘IHOb”

Brendan Davis, Staff Writer

IHOP, a huge well known American breakfast corporation. It has recently decided to change its name.

It was first announced on twitter on  June 7th, that the Late-night breakfest restaurant would be changing its name to “IHOb” they plan to change their name for sure by June 11th. They have not said why the change has been made, leaving a storm of customers and patrons to speculate and guess what the change with the unknown “B” in its name is supposed to mean or signify.

At first a lot of people thought that this was some promotional gimmick on the restaurants part, but the chain’s reactions and responses have suggested that it isn’t some prank. IHOP has updated and changed its website homepage which has added a clock counting down the time until the official reveal of its name’s meaning. IHOP has also left its old/original Twitter account and handle, they have changed their bio/description to a link of their new handle using its new name, IHOb. The internet has been drowned with countless photos and videos of locations updating restaurants with their new signage and name.

It seems as if IHOP has been getting the exact reaction and media publicity that it had hoped and planned for. IHOP’s new IHOb Twitter account has put up a more jokey and humorous tone in the same way those employed by other chains like Taco Bell and Wendy’s, it has been encouraging and pushing its followers to guess what the new name stands for.

Why the need of the name change? No one knows but IHOP certainly isn’t the first to do this as even Dunking Donuts has been trying to change it’s name to just, “Dunkin’,” at a number of test locations. Everyone who has been on this big frenzy about IHOP’s name change will have the reason revealed by June 11th.