Pandemic Scares Some out of Halloween Plans as Others Party


Max Miracle, Editor-in-Chief

Halloween night—a time of spooky getups and frightening candy consumption—was even scarier than usual this year for many Jaguars. “Covid is out tonight,” said An Dao (12). “I’m wearing a mask.”

Whether they’re looking to satisfy a sweet tooth or show off their costume, many students look forward to Halloween, and were disappointed that they had to make adjustments to stay safe. “I definitely wanted to spend time with friends on Halloween night,” said Peter Kratz (10). “But I opted not to because I thought that it could spread covid and hurt the community.”

However, some revelers held parties, which many students denounced. “If people insist on meeting in person, they should limit their gatherings to 5-7 people maximum,” said Maria Bouzid (12). “Throwing parties is irresponsible, selfish, and preventing us from moving forward with our lives.”

Nevertheless, with October 31st situated right before college application due-dates and the end of the quarter, some hard-working students spent the night exactly as planned. “Instead of staying home and working on college apps, I had to stay at home and work on college apps,” said Nico Vacca (12).