Biden Victory Brings End to Tumultuous Campaign Season, Start to New Era

Max Miracle, Editor-in-Chief

Coming four long days after the polls closed, the AP’s projection on Saturday that Joe Biden will win the presidency brought closure to many students. “It‘s a wrap,” said Emmitt James (12).

Many students eager for change in the country celebrated the election result. “I’m so happy right now,” said Morgan Nguyen (12). “We needed this.”

However, some opponents of the current administration were disappointed with the election’s unexpectedly close outcome. “I’m relieved that Biden has won,” said Catherine Kane (11). “However, it is clear that this election was not a total repudiation of Trumpism as many thought it would be… and there are still many in Congress who stand proudly with him today.”

And indeed, Biden has far from universal support either nationwide or within the school. “I wish Biden the same luck people wished Trump in 2016,” said Nico Vacca (12).

But some students feel optimistic about Biden’s chances of bringing together a country ravaged by polarization and disease. “I’m excited about Joe Biden,” said Liam Glavin (10). “I think he has the greatest potential to unite our divided nation.”