Opinion: Bring Back In-Person Events

Donovan Wilson, Staff Writer

Falls Church needs to have events before the year ends. Senior dues are $50, and for practically nothing going on at the school. I think the school needs events like prom, or a get-together, because it is good to repair friendships of students who may have been away from one another for too long, and meet their teachers in person if they haven’t already. During the pandemic, not many of us were allowed to leave our homes to properly socialize and hangout with our friends like we could’ve before, which isn’t the best for our mental health.

I think prom or a senior meeting toward the end of the year could be done safely, with masks and proper spacing. Most people have looked forward to prom since they were freshmen, and it isn’t fair to have it not happen because of the pandemic. If we introduce these events, we also allow students who didn’t attend Falls Church until this year to make friends and meet new people around the school, whether they’re a senior, or a freshman. Having events during these times are the best way to heal together and look forward to a hopeful future, where the pandemic doesn’t make us scared of leaving our own homes.