Entering the Mysterious Corners of FCHS

What Does FCHS Look Like from the Roof?

Entering the Mysterious Corners of FCHS

Catherine Le and Phiney Wong


One simple door can lead to curiosity. A lot of students have already been past certain mysterious FCHS doors, but many others do not know where these doors lead. To let you, our readers, know what’s behind these doors, we decided to go inside and tell you what lays behind those locked doors.

One door that is located near the Little Gym is the boiler room. It might sound boring but when you step in, but it looks interesting. It has a wide range of space and there is another door inside that leads to the outside of the school. Also, the room was kind of dark when walking around. The only thing that you could hear were the sounds of the machines operating and you could feel the heat that is hitting you. It was amazing seeing the huge machines working and all the pipes around the room.

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Another destination that you may never have been to is the auto tech room, which is located at the end of the academy hall. This room is not considered as a hidden place. However, it is not accessible to the majority of students. It was interesting when we were walking in the auto tech room and we saw different kind of cars that were all aligned and their parts. We were intrigued with the information about the classes they can offer and how everything is being handle in the auto tech room.

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Saving the best for last, we want to take you to the school rooftop, also known as the observation room, which is located at the end of the history hallway. You will see a stairway that leads you to the roof. When you open the door, your first reaction of it would be jaw-dropping. You are at the top of the school, so you’re able to see the whole school grounds. At the roof, the surroundings were empty and quiet except the sounds of the air conditioner and heater. When you stay up there for a while, you can feel the cool breeze pass your body, It was actually the first destination we went to. However, out of all of the places we looked at, the rooftop was the most outstanding.

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We had an amazing time discovering the hidden places of FCHS. We thank one of our school janitors, Tina, for giving us an opportunity to go to those places and experience it. Without her we never would have seen it for ourselves. Thanks, Tina!

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