The Art of Creating Computer Graphics

Is Computer Graphics Art?

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Janey Pham, Staff Writer

Is Computer Graphics art? Definitely. Anything that has to do with the creator’s ability to create high quality work is art. When we think of art the first thing that pops up in our heads is drawing. Art isn’t all about the typical aspects of painting and drawing. Different styles of art are expressed in many different ways depending on the person’s ability and creativity.

Kayla Hoang (10) is a very talented student. One of the things about being good at art is having a good mindset. When I was interviewing Kayla, she seemed like she had a very positive attitude towards art. Her answers were very descriptive, and it seemed like she had a good understanding of what art was. Some of you may even know her from last year’s 5K run when she designed the T-shirts with the cute jaguar on the front.

One of the different styles of art that she found the most interesting is Computer Graphics. I asked Kayla what got her interested in Computer Graphics and she said, “I signed up for Computer Graphics because I was aspiring to become as talented as my friends (also famous artists like Yuumei and Koyamori). I was already somewhat interested in digital art, but never had the equipment to produce high quality artwork. Computer Graphics brought me a whole different side of digital art such as, graphic design and vectors.” She’s on her “second year in Computer Graphics. I’ve been doing art since elementary school because back then, it was somewhat required.”

I asked her if she was glad that art was somewhat “forced” back in elementary school, and her response was, “I always enjoyed art, but elementary school art was more restrictive and curriculum based rather personal display of imagination and ideas. It was fun, but not as free as it is in high school.” I wondered if she counted Computer Graphics as art and she replied, “Of course! Computer graphics is definitely art! Almost anything that displays the creator’s ideas is definitely art. Computer graphics just creates a different form of art instead of the traditional mediums like paint.” Usually when I see someone who’s creative as her, they would at least rate themselves a seven out of ten, but her shocking score for herself is a “four out of ten and a mediocre.”

She didn’t start off doing Computer Graphics as art, though she did really “enjoy drawing, really disproportional anime/manga style back then but now, semi realistic and more anatomically correct people are better. Computer Graphics introduced me to graphic design (logo design kinda) which I enjoyed a lot.” She didn’t really have anybody or anything that influenced her to do Computer Graphics (or art in general), “just interested in the wondrous magical land of digital vector and raster art.” Finally the interview came to an end with the final question asking if she considered herself as an artist and her answer was “Definitely. I enjoy creating artwork for myself and others. It sometimes relieves stress but at the same time causes stress.” Kayla has that style of creating artwork that has a very clever and cute style to it. I like the fact that her artwork has a very simple and neat look to it, and that fact that she added the music notes around the character along with the music sheet as the design of the hat, shows that she has a very clever and creative mind as she designs.