Snow Days: Why Are Students Upset?


(Photo by Maddie Mota)

Maddie Mota, Staff Writer

Lately, there has been so much drama in 2015 about snow days. Whether it’s from a snow day that should have happened or a snow day that was totally unnecessary, people never seem to be pleased. I personally feel that whether the snow day is or is not necessary, we should enjoy it. I mean, it’s a day away from school that you can use to your advantage. You can: hang out with friends or family, complete missing class work, complete homework, call your boss and ask for an extra day of work to make money for those new Jordans that you have been eyeballing, or, if you’re anything like me, you’ll blow off all responsibilities and sit at home watching Disney movies and eating a whole large stuffed-crust pizza from Pizza Hut. But of course, what you do on your free time is up to you.

I think people need to understand that the weather is hard to predict and it changed throughout the day and that the Superintendent tries her best to keep the students safe. That being said, Tuesday, January 6 was just one of those days that the weather and the Superintendent had different plans. Everyone remembers this day, right? The #CloseFCPS day that caused many accidents and injuries and rage throughout NOVA. With just about 100 accidents, and insane amount of busses getting stuck, and many people in hospitals, January 6 was not a good day to be the Superintendent. Being upset for not getting a snow day, or at least a two-hour early release, on that day is totally understandable. Being on the roads that day was unsafe and terrifying.

That being said, FCPS Twitter legend Ryan McElveen, sent out an apology tweet on January 6 on behalf of the school board. “The decision to not #closeFCPS today was terrible. Clearly, we screwed up. I am so sorry for all the hardship brought upon so many.” With all the angry emails and tweets sent, it’s no wonder why the Superintendent decides to give us snow days on days that there is barely snow on the ground. Like I said before, the weather is very hard to predict. The reasons for these unnecessary snow days are because the county doesn’t want anything like before to happen again.

What I find really funny is that fact that some people still tweet about #CloseFCPS on the daily, yet when the Superintendent closes school, some people still aren’t happy. I feel like high schoolers just need to sit back and relax and enjoy the days off that we get. Unnecessary snow days are gifts. We must enjoy these gifts. Because one day, we will all be grown up and be parents or have real jobs, and we won’t get unnecessary snow days.