What Would You Do Without Twitter?


(Photo courtesy of www.independent.co.uk)

William Rhodes, Photo Editor

If you ask a normal kid if they could survive without Twitter, they would most likely say no. But not that many years ago Twitter was just a thought in Jack Dorsey’s mind. In the short time since its creation in 2006, Twitter has spread to hundreds of millions of users all over the world. Twitter, along with Instagram, is one of the most prevalent social media sites that teens use today.

So many people use Twitter, but not that many think about where and how it started. In the early years of Twitter many people thought that it would never survive, due to its limited features. They were proved wrong, as shown by its ever more increasing popularity. Twitter is also one of the fastest growing websites, based on members and posts.  Jack Dorsey was only a graduate student when he thought of the idea of Twitter. He, along with a few other and many investors, put Twitter into action.  The basic idea of Twitter has stayed the same over time, but its design and layout have improved and become easier to use.

Twitter is such a mainstay in everyday life that many people cannot imagine their lives without it. For many people Twitter is the first thing they check in the morning, or the last thing they check at night. Twitter can be used for anything from sharing life events, to posting pictures, to simply sharing what is going on at any given moment.  Another important use of Twitter is to share events and news stories. Many groups, and most of our classes, in Falls Church High School use Twitter to post about new events coming up or sports scores. One of our more popular pages at Falls Church is the Hype Squad page, which helps students know about upcoming sports games and the scores of those games. Twitter has become a very integral part of our lives nowadays, and people should stop and think about how it started and what it has become.