HypeSquad Pumps Up FCHS


(Photo courtesy of @FCHypeSquad14 Twitter page)

Phiney Wong, Staff Writer

Do you know anything about the HypeSquad at Falls Church? The HypeSquad is the people who support Falls Church teams when they compete against other schools. They are the group of people who cheer for our school in every game. One of the people I interviewed told me that everyone is welcome to the HypeSquad as long as you cheer for Jaguars. The HypeSquad was started by Will Mejia (12), Nate Thatcher (12), and Brian Eck (12) when they were in their sophomore year at Falls Church. I asked Nate what inspired him to do HypeSquad and he answered, “We want to improve the school atmosphere and get more school spirit.”

They made the name HypeSquad because they know people would be hyper while cheering for our school athletes. The HypeSquad is more active in Basketball and Football games. The HypeSquad also has a Twitter page to inform FCHS students to what to wear on games which is @FCHypeSquad14 and it’s being operated by Nate Thatcher, Eric Schwartz, Peter Rubeiz and Eric Baxter.  They always update it when there’s a game coming. There was a time when they did a fake black out for the Stuart vs. FC game but when it turned out that Stuart was wearing black, they switched it to a white out.

One of the games that the HypeSquad enjoyed the most was the Yorktown vs. FC football game. It was a pretty tough game but we still won. I asked Nate, who is also a basketball player, if the HypeSquad affects the performance of the players? He answered, ”Definitely, the HypeSquad helps us to be motivated and gives us more energy when we play.”

As I interviewed each one of them gave their supportive statement. Nate said “Come to all of the games and help us to support” while Peter said, “We love winning. The Jungle is a great place. I love every minute of it.” and Eric said, “It’s a fun thing to do in your school,” so come to the games see and experience how the HypeSquad does it. Make it happen. Go Jaguars!