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Tweets Are Growing

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Vicky Lam, Staff Writer

As social media continues to grow, in popularity among teens and in platform size, it becomes an ideal method to share information. Twitter is one of the most prominent networks for entertainment as well as news.

Many adolescents use Twitter as a place to follow their friends and their favorite celebrities but as the site grows, people begin to realize that it’s also a place for sharing and updating news and events.

Ryan McElveen, who is a school board member for Fairfax County, got his share of Twitter fame last winter when students began to rely on him for the latest updates in school closings and delays from copious amounts of snow. However, McElveen isn’t the only official account that tweets official news for the school. Our county also has a fairly large following too.

Ryan McElveen
Ryan McElveen

Some teachers have even begun accounts where students can go online and fill out surveys and reply via Twitter, which will improve the interactivity of the classroom and make it easy to see other users’ answers. Soon, teacher will starting posting class info and updates on Twitter as an easy way for many students to keep up, as the information just appears on their already active timeline.

Spreading information through the site is already a foolproof way to communicate with youth. It is quick and easy to use which makes it a great way for many to learn how to use the network. With such a wide audience, the information is sent out to all of the people who follow that account and will appear on their timeline, which is where all of the tweets from people they follow will appear. People can choose to keep scrolling, favorite, reply or retweet the tweet, which will allow the followers of the retweeter to see the tweet.

Information travels fast over the Internet, being able to receive information seconds after it was posted. The prevalence of Twitter is undeniable in this society, rarely being able to see an ad without the accompaniment of its Twitter handle. People who have a large influence often can sway opinions of the mass public to that of their own. Twitter is used to spread awareness for world news and upcoming events, but it’s also used for sharing humorous posts that often have the lifespan of certain ongoing trends.