Super Bowl, Super Food

Super Bowl Food: What Was Your Favorite?

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William Rhodes, Photo Editor

While the Super Bowl is about the football, it is also about the many commercials and delicious food. The Super Bowl is a time when you can chow down without much guilt. And that shows in the amount and kinds of foods America eats during the big game. Many people consider the Super Bowl the second biggest eating day in the United States. Last year, during the Super Bowl, America ate more than one billion chicken wings alone!

Some of the most popular foods that are eaten during the Super Bowl are chicken wings, chips and salsa, guacamole, and seven layer dip. Seven layer dip is classic dish that millions of people eat during the Super Bowl. It is traditionally seven layers, comprising of refried beans, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, cheese, olives, and one layer that is up to the maker. One of the most popular types of chips is Doritos due to their popular commercials every year. During the big day, millions of people also grill or have barbeques. People will make the staples like burgers and hot dogs, or ribs and brisket. Some more favorites for Super Bowl watchers are nachos, French onion dip, and popcorn. You can’t forget dessert! Many people love dessert and it is not different during the Super Bowl. Some favorite desserts are brownies, cookies, and ice cream.

With football comes many superstitions, and that includes food. Some people consider that the only way for their team to win is to eat a certain type of food. People also have one type of food that they make every year for the big game. Campbell Scheuerman (11) says “Every year I volunteer at my church and help make Super Bowl subs to fundraise for mission trips.” Another student here at Falls Church also has a traditional food for the Super Bowl: “Every year for the Super Bowl my mom makes corn salsa and guacamole, and she also makes pita chips to eat with it,” says Emily Santos (11).  Whether you make classic dishes or inventive fare, the Super Bowl is all about the food.