FCHS Donates Blood at Annual Blood Drive


(Taken by Nicole Haynes)

Nicole Haynes, Online Editor

On March 3 Falls Church held the INOVA Blood Drive.  This has been the eighth year FC has participated in this blood drive. This year’s we were able to donate 129 units to INOVA Blood Services. This amazing event is sponsored by our National Honor Society and would not have been possible without them! The blood drive is no easy task to host. There is planning weeks before and over 150 hours of preparation. This big event also calls for lots of volunteers including: the lunch crew, calling crew, runners, sign-in desk, and snack help.

Even though Falls Church is one of the smaller schools that host INOVA Blood Drives, we are one of the biggest contributors of blood. This year, 140 students and faculty members donated their blood. A single donation is able to save at the very least three lives. The blood that was donated is given to patients in need at INOVA hospitals. This is an easy way to help those in need; you never know when you will be the one who needs a blood transfusion.

Giving your own blood might sound scary, but anyone who has donated will say it was not! Kate Maines (12) agreed, “I thought it was going to really hurt, but you barely feel anything. And it’s for a great cause, so it would be worth it anyway!” Nicole Hinojosa (11) added, “ I was nervous because I had never given blood before, but it wasn’t scary at all! Plus, you feel great afterwards knowing you saved three lives. I will definitely be doing it again next year!” Another concern is that it is unsafe; there were 18 INOVA workers who are trained and know what they are doing, so there is nothing to worry about. Anyone who is 16 years or older and at least 110 pounds should donate next year! Plus, you receive a free shirt, food, and get out of class! A little pain is nothing compared to the three lives you will be saving!