Get Ready for Prom 2015


(Photo courtesy of FCHS Prom Committee)

Nicole Haynes, Online Editor

Believe it or not, prom season is already here! Prom this year is Friday, April 17, which is a teacher workday. It will be held at Crowne Plaza in Tysons Corner. The Junior Class’s Twitter, @FCgoodv16es, revealed the theme by tweeting clues all week until Friday. On Friday, they tweeted that the theme of Prom 2015 is “The Great Gatsby”.

Unlike most high schools, Falls Church is unique in that it is normal for juniors to go to prom. All seniors and juniors are welcomed to attend and can invite one person who is an underclassman or who does not go to Falls Church. However, there is a permission slip that students who want to go to our prom, who are from another high school, need to fill out.

The fundraising is a very big part of planning a prom. The Junior Class has been providing snacks after school every Tuesday and Wednesday. Be sure to look for a cart full of yummy snacks all $1 at 2:30 on these late bus days! The Junior Class is also doing car washes to raise money for prom. The next one will take place on Saturday, April 11, from 9am to 3pm at Falls Church. Volunteer, support, and spread the word about all of these great fundraisers!

Because fundraising is so important in having a great prom, everyone should at least support these fundraisers. If you can volunteer for anything it would be greatly appreciated. Each person’s time and effort will make this year’s prom better for everyone. Also, the more money the Junior Class raises from fundraisers, the less tickets will be, and those can be quite expensive. Andrew James (11), Junior Class President, said, “It is not easy to plan and fundraise for prom, so we need all the help we can get. It doesn’t matter what class you’re in, you can help create an amazing prom.”

Prom is one of those nights you will look back years from now, so you want to make sure your dress/suit, hair, makeup, shoes, and pictures are perfect, but remember this will not happen without your support!