Clubs of the Month: Young Democrats and Young Republicans


(Staff Photo)

Sadya Ouedraogo, Feature Editor

We are all familiar with the Democratic and Republican parties, but we may not all be familiar with Falls Church High School’s Young Democrats and Young Republicans. These two clubs are equally amazing because they allow you to expand your knowledge about current world issues, they encourage you to voice your opinions in a respectful way, and you also learn how to process your thoughts and suppress your emotions to understand the other side in debates.

The Young Democrats just like the Young Republicans is a club that is based off of the current political parties and their platforms. Both clubs require students to be knowledgeable on the topics that will be debated when a meet up between the two clubs is arranged. Two months ago the two clubs debated on the following subjects: The Keystone XL Pipeline, Abortion, ISIS, the legalization of marijuana, and whether President Obama has been doing an adequate job. On Thursday, March 19, the clubs met in Room 206 and debated the pro’s and con’s of having two free years of community college among other current events.

Senior Ryan Strand is the President of the Young Republicans and Senior Sreevatsa Gottada is the president of the Young Democrats. Both presidents encourage club members to do some research before attending debates; in meetings club also help each other get acclimated with their platform regarding different issues.

Join either of these clubs it you are interested in learning more about today’s pressing issues, sharing your opinions or simply want good company.

Each month we will highlight a different FCHS club, so be sure to check back in this space to see what club we are featuring in our next issue.  Do you have an idea about a club we should highlight?  Send us an email at [email protected] and let us know about it!